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    Bungalow 20 Style — graphic tee

    Fashion Tour

    Fashion Tour

    Do you have a favorite jacket? We're not talking about anything basic, we're talking about something that makes a statement. A jacket so cool and so fun you hate to take it off. A jacket that turns your casual day-to-day outfit into something bold and head turning!

    So you don't have that kind of jacket, huh? Not a problem! Bungalow 20 has a denim jacket that we know you'll turn heads in. 

    Meet your new favorite jacket - Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket.

    We're #1 !

    Tee shirts don't always have to be plain or have giant graphics in the front to be fun. It's the little details that make tee shirts interesting and can take you by surprise. For instance, try our Olive #1 Short Sleeve Tee! Front tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans with leopard print sandals or tucked into a champagne tulle skirt with heels and a leather jacket for later, you'll top your other fashionable friends!

    Accessories and tee shirts go hand in hand. You simply can't go wrong, so pick your favorite pieces and get playful. We wanted to pair this look with our Hello-Goodbye Clutch in Gold, which is currently sold out. However, we have a fantastic version in black that also works just as well! 

    Like we said before, you can pair any accessory you want with a tee shirt. A bold statement necklace or a simple, delicate chain, it's whatever your mood. We wore our Dagger and Key Long Antique Gold Necklace with our look. 

    Snag this great tee and have some fun!