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    Bungalow 20 Style — poncho top

    Poncho Perfection

    Lets switch things up a little bit, shall we? Give your jackets a rest and put those blazers away. Get yourself a great poncho. Ponchos are the it item for this season and we guarantee you'll see everyone wearing them! Skinny jean, leggings, pick your poison, ponchos will keep you chic this season as well as warm. 

    Just to show you what we mean take a look at our fabulous Plaid Turtleneck Poncho in Navy and Cream

    The best part about the gorgeous poncho is that is comes in Mushroom and Gray as well as Black and Gray

    A must have for this fall and winter season! 

    Scarf Print Drawstring Poncho Top

    You can just get it out of your head that ponchos are unflattering and not for a fashionista such as yourself. Do us a favor, close your eyes and pick four colors. Now imagine a fun pattern that fits your taste. You with us so far? Okay, all that's left is to take your color combos along with your fun pattern and put them on a poncho. You still aren't sure? Well, don't worry about it. Bungalow 20's got a pretty good idea of what you might have pegged as a chic poncho top. 

    Give our Scarf Print Drawstring Poncho Top a try. You won't have to worry about this top draping over you without giving your body any shape. The drawstrings on the top help to accentuate your waist giving a much cleaner silhouette.

    The color combo gives you a great selection of color to pull from in order to build you perfect outfit. We love this top with a pair of gray jeans and super cute flats or sandals.

    Since this top is a stylish statement in itself, keep the accessories simple. You can add our Silver or Gold Bar Necklace as well as a pair of our Silver or Gold Open Hexagon Stud Earrings. 

    Simply a picture perfect poncho top.