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    The Story that built Bungalow 20! 

     Kim Hoffman and Ilyse Bronte are often asked about their effortless style.  Friends and strangers ask “I love how you put things together, where do you shop? How do you know what to shop for? ” and “How can I put myself together without looking like I got dressed in the dark?”

    Kim and Ilyse decided to take their love of fashion–and a combined 30 years of experience in fashion retail–and create an online boutique that focuses on effortless basics that make for everyday easy chic. They wanted to let women know that they can feel confident wearing the modern, cutting edge trends in fashion that get women excited about getting dressed. They built Bungalow 20 with a philosophy of mixing great pieces with great accessories, so you can love how you look without taking out a second mortgage on your home.

    They built their style philosophy on combining their own beloved basics: jeans, leggings, and other modern classics, with tops, jackets, and accessories that are “out in front” of the pack. They believe that being a modern, stylish woman doesn’t have to be a chore; fashion is empowering–Kim and Ilyse are excited to show you how to get there.

    Welcome to the world of effortless chic!